Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shaken and Stirred! Last weeks recap and a sneak peak at this week's featured dancer: THE MAINE ATTRACTION


Join in on the debauchery this week when we present: Shaken and Stirred featuring THE MAINE ATTRACTION with special guest performer GOGO HARDER, the debut of DIVINA DUVUAL and the gogo stylings of IRIS EXPLOSION. Every wednesday at The Delaney (168 Delancey St between Clinton and Attorny) with DJ JESS, RUNAROUND SUE and SCOOTER PIE! 930. No cover! Free shots provided after each burlesque set by 44 Degrees North Vodka. Your mamma never told you life could be this good.

Recap: 2/2 Shaken and Stirred featuring HARVEST MOON:

True to our name, the show last night (2/2) really shook and stirred up one hell of a good time last night. Despite the wet yuck outside, we had a lovely & lively crowd that was wowed (that rhymed!) by the dancing ability of our special guest (all the way from Portland, OR) Angelique DeVil, the sexy grace & hula-hoop antics of our featured performer Harvest Moon, and were warmed up and kept REAL hot by the go-go goodness of Nasty Canasta. RunAround Sue delighted us all with her signature fan dance to "I Just Wanna Make Love to You", and I (Scooter Pie) had a blast singing for everyone. It was a night of variety, y'all! We also gave a big warm welcome-back to DJ Jess, just back from a jaunt to Berlin, and he sure had some amazing tunes spinning all night long. Upon realizing the winner of our weekly beer-drinking contest had picked up his second (or third?) victory with S&S, he was awarded with a new nickname: "The Champion" (become a show regular, and YOU, too, could get yourself nicknamed!). Fellow local performers Hard Corey, Narcisisster, DeeDee Luxe, Nicki Miller & Airin Syren of the Skies were in attendance and helped us keep dancing til 1, when we busted out the Shaken and Stirred Secret Track!

And now for a sneak peak at this weeks featured performer: THE MAINE ATTRACTION

  1. What does Burlesque mean to you
Burlesque means the WORLD to me!

  1. How did you choose your name?

My name is Maine so I decided to play on that. An event is something you go to or attend. An attraction is something you're drawn to...I am The MAINE Attraction...

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Prince, DUH!

  1. What are you reading these days and why?
Woodpecker In Still Life by Tom Robbins. I read Jitterbug Perfume and fell in love with his stories. And Celestine Prophecy because it was a gift from my sister.

  1. What is your favorite performance anecdote?
Audience participation within my acts:)

  1. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku:
Impossible, I'm a Southern and long winded, lol

7. How can the people find out more about you? and on Facebook: Maine Anders


International entertainer "The Maine Attraction" grew up in a small town in Georgia and moved to New York City after she discovered performing was all she wanted to do. She landed her first professional dance job when she auditioned for MTV's Fight For Your Rights Campaign. From then on she started working the dance circuit performing in private supper clubs and popular NYC underground clubs.

Her tenacious spirit helped her to persevere and become one of New York's most celebrated Burlesque Performers. Given the opportunity to express her creativity as a dancer, actress and singer, she has performed in MGM Grand's "Studio 54", Buddha Bar in Beirut, Lebanon and The Latin Grammys. Her ability to transform herself into a myriad of characters gives her the opportunity to play roles that are off the beaten path. She has starred in Miente, My Normal, I Was A Tranny Werewolf and Pariah. Her role in Million In The Mirror, a PSA for breast cancer research, recently won the viewers choice award on the Lifetime channel.

Captivating audiences every time she hits the stage through her spectacular performances has become her reputation. From her humble beginnings of working the dance circuit, she attracted the attention of talent agents who soon had her performing alongside an entourage of greats including: legends James Brown and Lionel Richie, pop sensations Jessica Simpson and Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, and burlesque divas like Dita Von Tease and Gentry de Paris. A muse for numerous visual artists, she has collaborated with conceptual photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier and multimedia extraordinaire, Matthew Barney. She has been requested for exclusive fashion events hosted by fashion icons like Patricia Field and Marc Jacobs and has toured with Grammy nominee DJ Tiesto. Go Magazine honored Maine as one of the women in their annual issue "100 Women Women We Love." She was chosen to be one of the creme de la creme, in OUT Magazine's spread on New York City Nightlife Performers.

Her uninhibited rhythmic style and sense of humor blend an ensemble of samba, belly dance, African, improvisation and contortion, into a movement she has coined, "Burlesque Fusion". Maine is energetic, sensual, and wildly charismatic. She evokes an old kind of glamour that is naughty but cheeky in her burlesque performances many times being compared to the extraordinary Josephine Baker and Lucille Ball. Her tour with Murray Hill and Hendricks Gin garnered the attention of Parisian talent agent who booked her for 9 appearances in Paris. She travels extensively nationally and internationally performing, acting and has begun a recording project that is sure to enhance her stage shows. The Maine Attraction will continue to grace any stage where she can let her creativity ride.

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