Friday, April 15, 2011

Sneak Peek at Shaken and Stirred featuring STORMY LEATHER!

Oh goodness. We've curated such a high spirited night of high jinx for our 4/20 show I don't know if I can handle it. One of NY's most sultry and hypnotic performers, STORMY LEATHER, is our featured dancer this week. Joining her in our stellar cast is the criminally hilarious FEM APPEAL. Add a little NASTY CANASTA on gogo duty and you've got a heart stopping, heel stomping helluva good time! All this and free huckleberry vodka shots provided by our sponsor 44 Degrees North. No Cover! Come be a part of NY's best kept secret every Wednesday night at The Delancey (168 Delancey St., between Clinton and Attorney) Wanna stay abreast of all our shows? Check out our events page at Now, what exactly did you miss last week? Well, they say the devil is in the details.. so hows about we just give you Scooter Pie's "Weekly Recap":

Woo-ee, did we have a slammin' show last night.. Can you believe it- RunAround Sue debuted TWO new jokes, one of which during our 1am Secret Track joke-off.. Scooter Pie did the Running Man, followed directly by the Roger Rabbit, all whilst singing.. gogo kitten Marinara Stardust was sweet AND tangy.. first-time S&S performer Evelyn Vinyl knocked 'em dead with an act to the Peter Gunn theme.. guest Boo Bess made us all feel naughty to the tune of "White Wedding".. this week's feature Medianoche embodied glamour beyond words.. AND we had a Shaken & Stirred rarity- a three-way gogo contest TIE culminating in a dance-off with lotsa clothing removal.. HOTNESS. Missed us? Fear not- catch us next (and every) Wednesday night, all night long.. XOXO!

And a special thanks to Neil of Fortune, Albert Cadabra, Don Spiro, Stormy Leather and all the other super fine performers who stopped by to shake a tail feather in the Sugar Shack. We had quite a lustful post show gogo set by one of our handsome audience members after the secret track. You never know what might happen on a beautiful night in New York... ahhhh, life <3

And now, on to the peeking....


  1. What does Burlesque mean to you? I'm not going to try to define burlesque but I will tell you what it's given me... Confidence, not only as an artist but also as a woman. It's given me a family and community of talented performers that are inspiring and encouraging. The freedom to express my ideas and sexuality without ever feeling ashamed. And the pleasure of turning someone on, or making them laugh or think by something I did on stage. I love to entertain.

  1. How did you choose your name? Burgundy Brixx's husband, The Purrrfessor, named me. I'm horrible at naming things. He rambled off a few clever things and then he said "Stormy Leather"... yep, that was it.

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush? Michael Jackson when I was 5... turns out I wasn't his type, lol.

  1. What are you reading these days and why? I just finished the Dubliners by James Joyce and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I'm obsessed with that character!). Now I'm cracking open Patton Oswalt's ZOMBIE SPACESHIP WASTELAND. I'm a slut for good comedy.

  1. What is your favorite performance antecdote? I have quite a few but I'd have to say it was the first time I ever showed my vagina on stage. It was at the Box and Sting was in the audience. All I kept thinking was "Oh my gods! Sting just saw my vag!".

  1. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku: Life is way too complicated for me to sum up in a couplet or haiku. I'll give you one of my favorite quotes instead.... "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
    Marilyn Monroe

    Read more:

7. How can the people find out more about you? Stalk me on Facebook and twitter. I shamelessly whore any and every show I'm involved with. You can also check out my website (albeit a work in progress)

Life is hard and you deserve a good time. We bring you one every wednesday night, because you deserve it! Come out and see us sometime.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


oH goodness, do we have a show for you Sweethearts! Spring is coming my darlings and we welcome you to dance it out with us every wednesday night when we bring you Shaken and STirred at the Delancey. Starting in May we'll be offering a free cookout on the rooftop bar every week prior to the show. Get hungry... get dancing :) This week we are featuring the decadent darling MEDIANOCHE with the smoking hot BOO BESS as our guest performer. Giving you great.... motivation.. this week is our gogo sensation EVILYN VIYNL. And as always Team Shaken and Stirred, our own trifecta of goodtimes: DJ JESS, SCOOTER PIE AND RUNAROUND SUE. Sets at 10, 11, 12 and 1 and free huckleberry vodka shots throughout the night. Keep abreast of all our events on our website:

What happened last week? Coming to you from lady on the scene, Scooter Pie... here is your weekly recap:

Last night's Shaken & Stirred felt to me even more like a party than usual, 'cause I got to see lots of friends in the crowd. It always makes Team S&S SUPERHAPPY to feel the support of the NYC burlesque community at large (notice how I refrained from making any puns there regarding the happiness of "feel"ing, "support"ing and "burlesque"? That's 'cause we're a classy operation over here, folks).
Anyhoozles! The darling Miss Frosty worked it gogo-style all night, Hazel Honeysuckle, the hottest bespectacled gal for miles around, made everyone drool with her "Besame Mucho" act, Runaround Sue gave us all a fright as the Blob (eek!), Scooter took advantage of her captive audience by singing to it, DJ Jess brought the hot tunage and major sassiness, and featured performer of the evening Deity Delgado dazzled. Dance contest champion Chris impressed us with his sexxy moves, and a despite a tag-team operation, the beer contest was heartily won by a fella in town from Nashville. Missed out? Come to the party next Wednesday, y'all! See you then, XOXOXO

And now... Commence with the Peeking:


Medianoche has been described as appearing in the New York City burlesque scene "out of nowhere, fully formed, like Athena from the head of Zeus". Born and raised in sunny Spain, trained in flamenco and tango dance -- she brings a distinctly European je ne sais quoi to venues as varied as Duane Park, Highline Ballroom, and Nurse Bettie. Although always at her best when emerging from Isis wings, rhinestoned flower petals, or her signature red pheasant feathers, Medianoche also dances tango professionally and shares her costume construction and act design skills with fellow performers.

  1. What does Burlesque mean to you?
Burlesque is a story your body tells to an audience. I see it as the most delicious form of escapism that you can offer, a glittering, musical, beautiful alternative to reality!

  1. How did you choose your name?
Years ago, as an aspiring fantasy and children's book illustrator that knew nothing of burlesque, I created a mysterious character named Medianoche. She wore long gloves, a sequined gown, and a perfectly tilted little top hat -- when I ventured into burlesque she was the immediate answer to my question.

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?
I can't seem to remember. Do characters in books count? Celebrities are just as fictional...

  1. What are you reading these days and why?
I'm re-reading Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors, an amalgam of short stories and poems by the author of the Sandman series. I always think the strangest, most wonderful things come out of writers when they do short fiction!

  1. What is your favorite performance antecdote?

Not so much an anecdote, but I do love telling people that I spent this New Year's Eve covered in glitter, in a basement dressing room, drinking champagne with three other naked women. I'm taking it as an promise of things to come!

6. How can the people find out more about you?

I post about shows on Facebook, and can be contacted at If you enjoy my costumes, starting mid-May I will have similar pieces for sale on Etsy! Coming soon...


Friday, April 1, 2011

Sneak Peak at DEITY DELGADO our featured performer for this week's Shaken and Stirred show

Well, April is here my spring chickens! And we are super excited to ring it in at this week's Shaken and Stirred when we featured DEITY with special guest HAZEL HONEYSUCKLE, the gogo goodness of MISS FROSTY and the never ending antics of your trifecta of goodtimes: SCOOTER PIE, DJ JESS AND RUNAROUND SUE! As always, no cover and free huckleberry vodka shots. Gogo starts at 930 with burlesque sets at 10, 11, 12 and a very special secret track at 1am. Join us live at the Delancey (168 Delancey St) or live at

And whatever happened last week... oh who can ever really say? Well here is our lady on the beat, Scooter Pie, with her weekly recap:

"So March ended up coming in like a lamb and out like a lion.. okay, we can deal with that. Add a little Shaken & Stirred to any situation, and we'll dance it out in no time. That crazy gorgeous Bunny Love was our featured performer last night, as always garnering equal amounts of titilated cheers and gasps of shock from the crowd. Charlie Gunn kept things sparkly as our go-go kitten, and wild and wonderful Bambi Galore, our guest, literally set things ablaze (well, her pasties, anyway. Yowza!) onstage. Three contestants duked it out for beer-drinking champ, and Runaround Sue debuted a new limerick (in case you didn't know this, she is funny). See you loves in April! XO"

And now, on to the peeking!!

Deity, the aptly named icon of NYC Burlesque, made her first on-stage appearance at the Blue Angel Cabaret on Walker St in 1994. A native New Yorker, she performed for several years in the world-renowned nightlife capital of Ibiza, Spain. When she returned to New York in 2000 she continued to perform at the Blue Angel Cabaret at Gene Frankel Theater and Cutting Room. Her star rose and her signature style was regularly showcased at The Box. She has since appeared BadAss Burlesque, Nurse Bettie-spanking the LES, Kitty Nights, Coco de Mer salon, The Sunday Show, Hypergender Burlesque, Penny Arcade's BITCH!DYKE!FAGHAG!WHORE!, Shaken and Stirred and more. She is also a makeup artist and expert seamstress. Since 1997, she has designed and sold unique, made-to-measure clothing under the name Heathen Designs. Her work shows influences of Alexander McQueen. Deity's online store
People can also find out more about me though my facebook page
I also am part of a burlesque duo called Deity Von Cuchi. My sidekick is Dame Cuchifrita and we just started doing shows last year. Our website is
  1. What does Burlesque mean to you?

Burlesque is a glamorous interpretation of my sensual nature, be it funny, sad, sexy, or quirky.

  1. How did you choose your name?
  2. A friend and I were sitting in a coffee shop and we were trying to figure out a name for a prototype social networking site that he wanted to build. It was about super heroes and we came up with the Deity Chronicles. He said I should use Deity as my performer name, so I did. :0)

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?

My first celebrity crush was John Travolta

  1. What are you reading these days and why?
I'm reading a book about Anita Berber and how she was a brilliant, yet unstable dancer she was. It's called 'The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber' by Mel Gordon.

  1. What is your favorite performance anecdote: My favorite performance anecdote is 'The show must go on!'

See you at the show!! xoxo

(photo credit: Adrian Buckmaster)