Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Remaining Days of Summer'11

We sure do hope all you Cats and Kittens are staying cool in the high heat of summer! And we're doing our best to distract you from the heat by provided you an equally sizzling but far more comfortable way to spend your time! Wander into the Sugar Shack (www.sugarshackburlesque.com) for the last few moments of summer and give yourself a few memories to keep yourself warm through the winter.... We're excited to be spending July and August in the Berkshires, Montauk, DC and our beloved NYC! If you're in New York, every wednesday night come find us at The Delancey where the staff provides a cookout on their rooftop and we provide a scintillating show on the main floor featuring a different stellar performer each week and a cast full of some of the finest guest performers in the city! Listed below are our show dates, drop us a line if you have any questions... and of course, if you desire a little burlesque to spice up a private event or a fun burlesque workshop for you and your friends , we are here to make your dreams come true!!!

July 30th

Strapt Cats Productions presents Sugar Shack Burlesque's "Burlesque in the Berkshires

Spice Dragon

297 North St

Pittsfield, MA

Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm


Sugar Shack Burlesque is ticked pink to be continuing our Berkshires Series at Spice Dragon in Pittsfield on July 30th. Summer wouldn't be complete without a trek out of town to the northward haven of western Mass., where four lovely ladies and a live band will, for a night, expose Pittsfield to shoulders, knees, and elbows usually only bared on NYC stages.

In an exciting addition to our classically formatted show that Berkshire-ites have come to know and love; we are please to annouce live musical accompaniment by the local jazz trio: The Bra*Stars.

Sponsored by the darling lingerie boutique, Bra and Girl (www.branandgirl.com), with shops in both Great Barrington and Pittsfield. Come to the show and perchance win a gift bag full of Bra and Girl Goodies! After the show, redeem your ticket stubs at the shops for 5$ off your purchase.

August 13th

Rock Your Socks Off, NYC

Jalopy Theatre

315 Columbia St

Brooklyn, NY


Doors 8pm, show 9pm


Special Set by The Itchy Hearts to start off the night. Co-hosted by the Golden Throat of Burlesque BROADWAY BRASSY. You'll never think of classic rock the same way again! Catch this show when it stops in Brooklyn! Featuring PINKIE SPECIAL, RUNAROUND SUE, and FOXY VERMOUTH. If you haven't caught a show at Jalopy, you're missing out!

August 20th

The Girls of Summer- Rock Your Socks Off

Sole East

90 Second House Road, Montauk



No Cover

Featuring live musical accompaniment by the golden throat of burlesque BROADWAY BRASSY! You'll never think of classic rock the same way again! Starring burlesque beauties RUNAROUND SUE, PINKIE SPECIAL, and FOXY VERMOUTH. Come enjoy the hazy days of summer in the lush atmosphere of Sole East. Reservations are recommended but not required.

August 27th

Sugar Shack Burlesque Storms the (Red) Palace

The Red Palace

1212 H St NE, Washington DC



9pm Doors, 10pm Show


Hosted by NYC's "Make it Happen Girl" : RUNAROUND SUE with a high octane cast ready to shake down the walls of the Palace with a little of the old bump-n-grind including AIRIN DE SKIES, BOO BESS, AND LIL STEPH! Keeping your juices flowing all night with gorgeous gogo and scandalous audience participation, don't miss your chance to be part of the party! Bringing together the diverse talents of the East Coast, Sugar Shack Burlesque has a national reputation for hosting quite a wild ride! Come find out what all the buzz is about! Bring your friends, your lovers and everyone in between!

Sept 23rd

Fall into Autumn

Jalopy Theatre

315 Columbia St

Brooklyn, NY


Doors 8pm, show 9pm


Stay tuned for details on how Sugar Shack Burlesque wants to celebrate the change of seasons with YOU at the legendary jewel box: Jalopy!

Shaken & Stirred, You're Favorite Burlesque DanceParty

Every Wednesday Night

No Cover

10pm @ The Delancey

168 Delancey St. (Between Clinton and Attorney)


Burlesque sets at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 and The Secret Track at 1:30! Complimentary Huckleberry Vodka shots courtesy of 44 Degrees North vodka served after selected Burlesque sets! Gorgeous Go-Go all night long! Pre-show rooftop cook out on one of NYC's most beautiful roofs.

Each week a different cast of NY's finest burlesque stars and most gorgeous gaggle of GoGo performers presents a night of high spirited entertainment . Dance Floor open till 2am with DJ JESS (TRASH!) spinning and the ladies of the shack : RUNAROUND SUE and SCOOTER PIE hosting the party.

Shaken and Stirred Guest Schedule:

July 27th - Featured performer PINKIE SPECIAL with special guests GRACE GOTHAM and GAL FRIDAY!

August 3rd - Featured performer DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA with special guests MADDY MAN and TRIXIE MALICIOUS (UK)!

August 10th - Featured performer ANITA COOKIE with special guests MISTY MEANOR and AIRIN DESKIES!

August 17th - Featured performer CHERRY PITZ with special guests DANGRRR DOLL and NIKKITA LAMARCELLE!

August 24th - Featured performer PEEKABOO POINTE with special guests MINNIE D'MOOCHA and VELOCITY CHYLDD!

August 31st - Featured performer ROSIE 151 with special guests LOLITO and POOKIE PATOOTIE!

**Interested in auditioning for Sugar Shack Burlesque? Each week at Shaken and Stirred we have one audition slot for new performers. Please email bookings @sugarshackburlesque.com to submit yourself for consideration.



Friday, July 15, 2011

Sneak Peek at our featured performer: PANDORA!

This upcoming Shaken and Stirred is sure to set your heart aflutter. Not only do have the elegant and beautiful PANDORA as our featured performer, but we are also excited to announce a special pop up fashion show for MADDOG SWING DESIGNS! Each week at the Delancey we bring you a true danceparty with music provided by DJ JESS and hosted by RUNAROUND SUE and SCOOTER PIE! This week our decadent special guests include DR.PEACHES WELLINGTON and LADY SCOUTINGTON as well as the smoking hot gogo stylings of the girls with the DD brain, NASTY CANASTA. Modeling the gorgeous creations of MadDog Swing with be ten of your favorite NYC burlesque superstars. Included in all this are our signature free shots and of course the pre-show rooftop cookout! Never a cover, always a good time.

To find out more about the Costume, Couture, and Corsetry made in the House of Maddog Swing, check out their facebook page: www.facebook.com/MaddogSwingCo​uture
and come to the show for what will be a most lavish tactile experience!

What did you miss last week? Here is your weekly recap provided by Miss Scooter Pie:

This week's show was super-special for MANY reasons; one of which being the premiere of our brand-new, mega-exciting shiny GAME DICE!! Come see what it is if you are not in the know. Experience it for yourself. Other obvious reasons absolutely included wild n' crazy featured performer Fem Appeal, wild n' crazy guest Albert Cadabra, late-night caboose Gemini Rising, the S&S debut of Coco Masala, and- dayumm!- the all-night, all-out gogo skills of Tiny D. Jokes were told by RunAround Sue (she's VERY funny, you know). Delicious food from the preshow rooftop cookout was consumed. Yummy drinks were prepared by our gorgeous bartender Nora. Scooter Pie had an uncharacteristically foul mouth. And we all learned something new about DJ Jess..
Come see what all of this madness is about next week! XO

And now, on to the peeking!!


Pandora, the Greek Goddess of Burlesque, the scintillator of the tittilation from peel to reveal, she has performed her fine feathered fan dance in NYC, LA and across the pond in London and Paris.

1. What does Burlesque mean to you?

Burlesque to me is the scintillation of the tittilation from peel to reveal, now try saying that fast over and over again.

2. How did you choose your name?

I've always loved the name Pandora and I'm Greek so I thought it would be fitting.

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?

I would have to say Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing

4. What are you reading these days and why?

I am reading Venus in Furs I also do a tribute act that includes Furs and Leather two of my favorite things.

5. What is your favorite performance antedote?

I was performing at Duane Park a burlesque dinner cabaret, I had a small whip tucked into my corset during my act I pulled it out and spun it around my finger and it flew off and landed in someone's dinner plate to which I responded with "It's what's for dinner"

6. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku:

7. How can the people find out more about you?
They can check me out on www.facebook.com/pandorascintillator.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Sneak Peek at our featured performer: FEM APPEAL

Hey Hey Ladies and Gents, hope to see you tonight for another wild and wonderful installment of SHAKEN AND STIRRED. This week we are featuring the electric FEM APPEAL, bringer of light and producer of Kitty Nights at Bar on A. Joining her in the cast are the GEMINI RISING and ALBERT CADABRA. Getting her heart all aflutter for her Sugar Shack Debut is newbie COCO MASALA and giving you great go-go all night long is TINY D! DJ JESS is back in the house spinning the tunes you have come to know and love and as always RUNAROUND SUE and SCOOTER PIE will be heading the shenanigans! Go-Go starts at 10pm and the first burlesque set is at 10:30. Come early for the pre-show rooftop cookout and enjoy complimentary shots after the burlesque sets. If you enter our shiny new raffle you may even when our signature Shaken and Stirred prize package: handcrafted pasties, an exclusive DJ Jess mix and an autographed thank you note from the cast.

If you missed last week, check out Miss Scooter Pie's weekly recap:

We had a jam-packed, slam-dunk of a show this week, my friends- check it out (and wipe the drool off your face): Dottie Dynamo shook it all night as our gogo/stage kitten extraordinaire. Corvette LeFace made us think naughty thoughts about church during her S&S debut. Guest Voodoo Onyx played strip poker with a volunteer from the audience.. and lost (or should we say, the crowd won). Our caboose Minnie Tonka, having recently returned from a two-week stint in Alaska, closed things out for the night but (..butt) good, and featured performer Harvest Moon amazed us all with her thrilling, superbendy stunts and all-around hotness. We raffled off another super special Shaken & Stirred care package to a lucky winner, and our guest dj KICKED ASS right up til 2am. As RunAround Sue would say, "WHAT!!!!!". See you soon xoxo!

And now, On with the Peaking!!:

Featured Performer Profile – FEM APPEAL

1. What does Burlesque mean to you?

It's the best of Comedy, Improv, Dance and Halloween all rolled into 4 minutes or less.
It's DIY and I'm in charge!
AND a great way to channel my insanity.

2. How did you choose your name?

I wanted to embody a kick-ass superhero or secret agent and I thought of Emma Peel from The Avengers. Fem Appeal is a play on her name and it also works 'cause I often impersonate dudes.

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Peter DeLuise from 21 Jumpstreet.

4. What are you reading these days and why?

Anthony Bourdain's The Nasty Bits.

I love men, food and traveling and he has a wonderful way of depicting the passions of the mind, body and spirit. Food is sexy.

5. What is your favorite performance anecdote?

I had my heart set on doing Pennywise The Clown (Stephen King's IT) for Hotsy Totsy's Halloween show, but they had booked ClownKong and I didn't want to step on his clown shoes, so I came up with my Sleestak (Land of the Lost) act. A guy came up to me afterwards and said, "OMG, the crystals! You had the crystals!"
That made my night. That's who I like to perform for.

6. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku:

A lover of leaps

Ready the teleporter

The path to my dreams

7. How can the people find out more about you?

Go to Facebook and LIKE Kitty Nights @ Bar On A or egads, I still have an active MySpace account.

Friday, July 1, 2011

a Sneak Peek at our featured performer: HARVEST MOON

OH Yes, we love you... we do, and you know it because each week we offer up a tantalizing show full of good times, beautiful performers, and genuine laughter. Dance away your worries on our super fine dancefloor and enjoy a complimentary shot or two of Huckleberry Vodka. This week at The Delancey we are featuring HARVEST MOON - international sensation of burlesque, the aerial arts, and contortion. Revving up the lineup with Ms Moon are none other than the mesmerizing VOODOO ONYX and the southern sass and class of FLEUR DE LYS. Be there for the Sugar Shack Debut of C0RVETTE LA FACE and enjoy the gogo goodness of the darling DOTTIE DYNAMO. Never a cover, always a good time. Get there early for the 5$ rooftop cook out!

And now, on to the peeking:


1. What does Burlesque mean to you?

Creatively projecting an array of splendor and skill through the medium of flesh.

2. How did you choose your name?

It was given to me in part by my parents when I was born, and in part by some pervert I met at the Pussycat Lounge strip bar in Manhattan.

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?
I think it was Bob Dylan? does that count?

4. What are you reading these days and why?
The New Yorker magazine... because i'm catching up on this huge stack of them I haven't been able to get to due to school reading.

5. What is your favorite performance antecdote?

the Exotic world pageant hasn't always been so organized. One year, while my troupe and I were up on stage in the ready-go position the DJ hit the " record " button on the tape deck instead of play. Yes, those were the days when you could bring a tape to the show. Luckily, I had a back up tape in the glove compartment of my car. I ran across the field to get it while the others waited patiently onstage. What a crazy moment...

6. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku:

To every burlesque darling who'll dare grace a stage, reinvent yourself no matter what age.

7. How can the people find out more about you?