Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reminder: This Friday Feel Good at the Palace of Wonders in DC

Join us Friday night for a "slow and steady" kind of philanthropy. Join legendary NY burlesque beauties RunAround Sue and Legs Malone as they travel down with Ukelele Master Mr. Kenny Law to join forces with Ringmaster Blackfire from the Carnival of 5 Fires and the firecrackers from Sweet Tease Burlesque (including solo performances by THE MUSE and Lady Scona). Friday night this cast of lovely characters will use their feminine wiles and other enchanting talents to raise money and awareness for AIDG.
(www. aidg. org)

What do you need to do? Enjoy the show, Sweethearts, we'll take care of the rest.

And if you can't make the show, help us out and tell your friends!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings

So, this past weekend, Sugar Shack Burlesque produced the burlesque portion of the Anti-Pop Consortium show at the Knitting Factory. Albert Cadabra was our host and Gigi La Femme, Janis Dimilo, Pinkie Special and RunAround Sue did their best to shake up the crowd. It was actually the last burlesque show at the Manhattan location of the Knitting Factory - they will be relocating to Brooklyn in 2009. The Knitting Factory was one of the first places I saw burlesque -so I found it rather sentimental that I had the honor of being one of the last burlesque performers to dance there.

The next night I had a private party - word to the wise, always include travel expenses in your booking arrangements. The party was lovely and has motivated me to create a very basic terms of agreement between the client and the performer. Always learnin'

Sunday we had a show at Annabelle's in Red Hook and unfortunately the little jazz jewel just couldnt make it. The restaurant went under just hours before our show. So, put them in your thoughts - it's always sad to see someone's business suffer.

The economy is really tough this holiday season. Everyone is feeling it, and I'd like to encourage us all to remember that we're in this together. With everyone's wallets stretched a little thin - a kind word and a little extra patience could really go a long way. And get out there! If you start getting down about money and prospects, find support amongst your friends.

During the day on Sunday, Legs and I were going to wrap up a photoshoot for our Playing Cards project. We ended up needing to reschedule - but I've included a sneak peak from an earlier shoot. Sunday night Legs and I headed down to a little birthday shindig I had put together for my friend Sarah at Bowery Electric. I adore this new venue - and, spoiler alert!!! - be on the lookout for Sugar Shack Burlesque's new show there in early 2009.

Monday I was in the air - a delayed flight landed me in Richmond a little after 7 and within a couple hours I was sharing a few beers with Ringmaster Blackfire and the ladies from Sweet Tease Burlesque. We were going over a few details for our show in DC this Friday. If you're in the area, come out to the Palace of Wonders to support - 12/19, show at 10!



Friday, December 12, 2008

Sugar Shack Burlesque - The last Burlesque show at the Leanord St. Knitting Factory

Yes, thats right - next year the esteemed Knitting Factory will be re-locating to Brooklyn and tonight we have the honor of producing the burlesque portion of the Anti-Pop Consortium. The Consortium is a pretty impressive group - yanked from Wikipedia:


Antipop Consortium are an alternative hip hop group. The group formed in 1997, when Beans, High Priest, M. Sayyid and producer Earl Blaize met at a poetry slam in New York City. They are notable for their stream-of-consciousness lyrics and musical references to contemporary composition methods.

They released several tape singles and two albums primarily on Dan the Automator's experimental hip-hop label 75 Ark before being signed by Warp Records in 2000. Their releases were met with mixed reviews from the mainstream music and underground hip-hop press alike, although they are noted for their inventiveness and the experimental electronic productions contributed by all members. They were frequently compared to other rappers with unorthodox lyrics, such as Kool Keith, MF Doom and Aesop Rock. In 2001, they opened for Radiohead during the European leg of their Amnesiac tour and subsequently toured with DJ Shadow."

And tonights event is an all-club produced show.... We're gonna be all over the place.

Pinkie Special brings her special brand of producing genius to our show and together we've booked some very lovely ladies to accompany us in saying farewell to the Knitting Factory as we know it - the Darling Janis Dimilo and the Top Knotch Booty Shaker, GiGi La Femme. And wrangling this group of kitty kats is none other than the captivating Albert Cadabara....

See you there Sweethearts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Attention all Do-Gooders

Only one more week until Bleeding Hearts Burlesque debuts in DC. We're really excited about our show both because of the stellar line up and for the worthy charity (AIDG we're supporting. Could you help us out and send the following information to your communities?
Friday Night, Dec. 19th - come out to see Bleeding Hearts Burlesque at the Palace of Wonders in DC. Together we can have a good time, drink a few drinks, cheer for lovely ladies and raise money and awareness for AIDG -
Do you like clean water? Do you like it when the lights turn on? Well, help us help AIDG provide these basic rights to developing communities. What do you need to do? Just show up, Sweetheart - we'll do the rest.
Bleeding Hearts Burlesque is dedicated to two things: Good Times and Philanthropy. By doing what we love, we can help others. Through various projects dedicted to community service and awareness, Bleeding Hearts Burlesque hopes to revolutionize the ideas of philanthropy. You dont need to give millions - you just need to give. You need not be somber in your attention, you merely need to pay attention.
Hosted by Ringmaster Blackfire (Carnival of 5 Fires)With Performances by:
Sweet Tease BurlesqueLady SconeTHE MUSEMr. Kenny LawLegs MaloneRunAround Sue
Raffle prizes donated by The School of Burlesque (, Amber Ray Accoutrement ( and Sugar Shack Burlesque (

The Sugar Shack Burlesque Story

Back in 2006, Lady Satan and Miss RunAround Sue decided to put their love of burlesque, booze and general good times into their own company. They had the heart; they had the talent... now they needed a name, a venue, and the first steps to acquiring the necessary experience to become a strong production company. RunAround Sue had just been featured by fellow Richmonder, Clay McLeod Chapman in the KGB Lit Mag, and when the owner read it he called her up and offered her his theatre to produce a show. Venue? check.

So the ladies started working up the line up, designing flyers, figuring out press - but still, they didnt have a name.... One night on the train an older gentleman said to Miss Sue, " Damn girl, you look like you were born in the Sugar Shack." Name? check.

The ladies approached Jo Boobs, Veronika Sweet, Albert Cabara and Dirty Martini.... a steller line up for a debut show. It was August of 2006 and within two years, Sugar Shack Burlesque had produced over 100 shows in 5 states. The first steps to acquiring experience? check.

After their first year, Lady Satan relocated to San Franciso where she introduced Sugar Shack signature event: The burlesque danceparty. Sugar Shack West's first show at the Elbo Room sold out in 15 minutes. And with a capacity of 500 - well, that aint so bad.

Back in the Big Apple, Legs Malone had joined the family. Her wit, her thoughtfulness and her careful business thinking were a great addition to the team. Together her and Sue began to expand Sugar Shack out of NYC to the Berkshires in Massachuesettes, to Montauk, to DC....The ladies loved bringing such a positive unifing art to diverse audiences. In Montuak, the older sailors shared a laugh with the young hip Hamptons set. In the Berkshires, the inquisitive college students got dolled up and rubbed elbows with the expatriot artists who had relocated there from NYC.

Now we begin our next stage - to bring our company south. Miss Sue has strong ties to her hometown, Richmond VA and is looking forward to this new development. She found a great community at Gallery 5 and with the Burlesque dancers already working in VA.

Being a great producer - or as some say "A Great Pursuader" is a never ending journey. We hope to share our lessons, our victories, and our questions with you here. We believe strongly in collaboration, in community, and in everyone's beauty. We think humor is whats gonna get us through this life. Please get in touch, come to shows - break out your favorite song and give it a try. At the end of the day - you either stop or you keep going, so won't you come along with us?

You can find more great images on our myspace page: