Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shaken and Stirred, last week and a sneak peak at this week featuring THE LADY AYE

Join us this week when one of the world's only female swordswallowers gets sticky sweet in the Sugar shack! This week at Shaken and Stirred we are super excited to be featuring the one and only LADY AYE with special guest, the intoxicating DAME CUCHIFRITA. Debuting in the Sugar Shack is none other than IRIS EXPLOSION and gogo dancing for your perverted pleasure is FOXY VERMOUTH! GoGo starts at 930, Burlesque sets at 10 and 11. Free shots provided by 44 Degrees North after each set with DJ JESS, RUNAROUND SUE AND SCOOTER PIE revving your engines all night long at the Delancey Lounge.

Last week was absolutely magical and brimming with stellar performances and love, love love. Ekaterina broke every heart in the room as our featured performer and Minnie Tonka sure did create a lust for life as our guest performer. Ruby Hips shook her hips on the gogo box and the fabulous performers from the Dangerous Curves on the Go-Go Burlesque tour stopped by at 1am to spice up the secret track. We missed Scooter Pie who was off in Ireland and we were bummed to not send out the Cyber Love as www.nycliverock. was on hiatus. But, never fear this week - Everything is back in order. Take a sneak peak at this week's featured dancer THE LADY AYE.

  1. What does Burlesque mean to you?

My favorite thing about burlesque is that it allows women to be funny and sexy and smart all AT THE SAME TIME, which is something you unfortunately don't see in popular culture any more.

  1. How did you choose your name?

It came together from several places. I actually had the nickname prior to performing, it was then just "Lady I", "I", which is my first initial and no one ever pronounces it in my real name, plus the rockabilly tendency to call everyone Miss Ilise, Miss Sue, Miss Whatever, which I wasn't crazy about, so I gave myself an upgrade based on one of my favorite movies, The Lady Eve. When I started my first act, it was pirate-themed, so I switched the spelled to the nautical "Aye".

My alternative was "Kid Twist" based on a famous Jewish gangster, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, who was killed on Coney Island, but that never stuck.

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Han Solo -- he made the Kessel Run in 12 parseps!

*le sigh*

  1. What are you reading these days and why?

I'm reading a lot of odd autobiography, e.g., Lydia Lunch and John Waters, because I'm writing my own "Pain-Proof: Becoming The Lady Aye"

  1. What is your favorite performance antecdote?

After a particularly triumphant night, I woke happy and with a sequin on my butt. It wasn't mine. That is burlesque in a nutshell.

  1. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku:
If it is to be, it's up to me.

7. How can the people find out more about you?

Check out my website

So, how can you resist a dame like that? See you this wednesday at the Delancey!

**Photo by Rose Callahan

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