Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sneak Peek our featured performer: JAZZ and a recap of last week's S&S

As the steamy nights of summer heat up, come join us on the dancefloor. Each week Shaken and Stirred brings together the most stunning nightlife performers offering up burlesque sets every hour from 10:30 until 2am. Gorgeous GoGo starts this week brought to you by FOXY VERMOUTH. Strutting their stuff on the stage are our featured dancer JAZZ and our very special guests IRIS EXPLOSION and EKATERINA. Each week hosted by our trifecta of tease: SCOOTER PIE, RUNAROUND SUE and DJ JESS! Never a cover, Always a good time with $3 huckleberry vodka shots served from 12-1. Wanna find out a bit more about our featured performer? Well, read on darlings:


How did you choose your burlesque name?

JAZZ . Jazz is not only my burlesque name but also my dancer, acting, modeling name and my brand name. My real name is Jasmin and I like to stay close to who I am. A performer on stage and off stage :) Jazz mean freedom to my and do be and transform into anything. Its like jazz music that has no limits and can go anywhere from silence to total chaos.

I chose the name . It goes very well with my persona and is short and spicy :)

Who was your first celebrity crush?

My first celebrity crush was Gene Kelly ;) much hotter and sexier than fred a. Hahah

What are you currently reading?

I wish I could read more and have to remind myself always but it is a lot of Paolo Coehelio (I misspelled this hahah) and the book is called : The witch of Portobello.

Please share one of your favorite performance anecdotes:

1) A performance anecdote of mine..
There are so many..and so many I can't even recall right now ..since I have been on stage since 27 years..OMG..I m freaking out now..hahah..
Ok..one of my faves is back in Austria , I was performing on the top of a mountain for a snowboard event ..on the actual snow ..wearing "trendy" ski suits..
First of..there is nothing trendy or cute about these giant stuffed ski suits they made us wear and we are dancing jazz/pop choreography. You can bend and twist ur hips and ass as you want..doesn't really show in that giant marshmallow. They "stage" was made out of plastic squares "attached" together..on the snow..well..as we dance..I feel my stance is getting wider and wider and I fell right into a spilt ..cause the floor under me slid away!and besides me other dancers were sliding all direction ..falling out of formation..off "stage" hahah..huge chaos.

2) Another one is how I got into Aerial work.
This was here in NYC ... as I still love craigslist ..if you know how to filter through, you still can find amazing jobs.
So..they were looking for somebody who does wirework and perform a slow ballet looking number in the air...in an astronaut suit..
Ok..me Jazz who truly believes that she is a shapeshifter..never done wirework or any kind of aerial answered and got the gig based on my resume and dance footage.
I get there and this "gig" is a huge dvd recording of a rock concert of a Russian singer at the Millenium venue in Brooklyn. All musicians were hired for this special gig. Lenny Kravitz 's drummer on the drums. (Hoooottt gal and so down to earth, musicians from la..and they hired the well known aerial company anti gravity to do the rigging. I see all of this ...swallow and say..you got this Jazz.
They ask ..blabla..so you've been rigged before..yeah yeah..which I never have been..
Everything was electric controlled and quite high! Laser show and visuals over the whole stage...the audience was hired..all extras and then we get to me..I've practiced and it did go well..I played my act amazingly and fell in love with aerial!! The only real annoying part was that they only found an astronaut helmet in a kids store that had a button and u push it. And it says.. ready for take off in 3 ..2...1...and this sound of a rocket taking off into space came on..
Since I was up side down..spinning..flying..flipping..this button kept going on and on and on and I took off to space at least 20times ..hahahah

3) my last performance anecdote is my first stunt shoot and it not so much an accident but a scene I won't be able to do that often in my life..
I play an assassin working for the Japanese jakuza..hired from lesbian bosses to pretend to be a call gal, get into my victims apartment and kill him..
And I am with the most amazing and real stunt team there is...so no shadiness..hahah
I am performing all stunts which included fight choreography with 2 knives, crazy wire work, tumbling, ..all TOPLESS hahah and the end I jump on him, run 2 knifes into his neck and finish him. HA

What is your life philosophy?

Performing is what makes me feel alive to its fullest extension. It let's me travel through spaces and sensations. My hunger is getting stilled and my soul is being healed. I am shapeshifting.

How can people find you?

Please find me, book me, holla at me, inspire me, watch me..maybe get off on me...hahaha @


Scooter Pie's Recap:
Remember last night's Shaken & Stirred? You were there- or caught us (broadcast as we are every week) on nycliverock.com, right? There was such a big, lovely crowd, and we wanted to rock with you, all night- and so we did. Gogo sensation Cookie Cutter brought her best moves (as always). Bunny Love sparkled in (and out of) pink. Tiny D made her S&S debut, stealing our hearts (and a cupcake) in the process. Apathy Angel made us drool in the late set. Runaround Sue told us a fantastic limerick (that she wrote!), and featured performer of the evening Amber Ray displayed both her vocal and tassel-twirling talents. I was there, too. The weather was lovely up on the roof. What a night! XOXO

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