Friday, September 9, 2011

A Sneak Peek at Shaken and Stirred Featuring LEGS MALONE

Last week was quite a blast in the old Sugar Shack! DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA was our featured performing showing off quite a lot of talent with both of her numbers. CREAMY STEVENS dropped some science along with her clothing for our opening number and our sweet little caboose, BOOTS LA MAE, turn heartache into an erotic moment with our final number of the night. The unstoppable heartbreaker, MINNIE TONKA, gogoed her little heart out and then performing a smoldering slowburn of a strip tease while our very own RUNAROUND SUE played an acoustic version of "House of the Rising Sun" in our final set. As always there were free shots to be had and plenty of audience participation.

This week we are celebrating the Homecoming of some of our favorite people! Our darling SCOOTER PIE has been tripping through the enchanted world of Midsummer Nights Dream bringing to life the role of Puck over the last couple weeks. And now she's back to bring her special brand of mischief to Shaken and Stirred as our fabulous co-host. The ever glamorous LEGS MALONE returns for her European tour with her first stop back stateside at our sweet little party! JONNY PORKPIE has been teasing audiences across he states and so he too is newly return- we cant wait to see what he brings as our special guest. Closing out the night with be Rhinestone Follies producer HAZEL HONEYSUCKLE as our late night caboose. Up on the gogo box is none other than COOKIE CUTTER visiting us from her new nest in Texas and making her burlesque debut is the super cute STELLA CHUU! Wow- you thought your highschool homecoming dance was fun? What till you spend a homecoming in the Sugar Shack! Bring your friends, your lovers and everyone in between!

And now on to the peeking!


1. What do you feel is an essential quality in a performer?

Presence. Without it, an audience's attention is hard to hold.

2. What do you do to stay motivated and positive?

Keep going - keep pressing ahead - and a whole lot of positive daydreaming :)

3. What is one thing you wish people had told you when you first started performing?

Be sure you can dance in your shoes. I had one pair of really cute shoes that I was perfectly fine standing in but once I got on stage, I was wobbling like mad and even stepped out of the shoes a few times. Not cute.

4. What are you reading these days and why?

I mainly read the New York Times website to keep an eye on world affairs but as for books I'm in the middle of "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say it is absolutely living up to its hype. I'm loving it.

5. Do you have a favorite joke?

Pretty much any joke by RunAround Sue :)

6. Please distill your life philosophy into either a couplet or haiku:

To be human is
to err, to forgive, to love
to love more and DANCE!

7. How can the people find out more about you?

They can visit my website - - as well as friending me on facebook (look for Alegsandra Malone) and follow me on twitter @misslegsmalone !

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