Thursday, November 4, 2010

RIP Skwaking Chicken

It's true... the chicken lost his head during the secret track last night at Shaken and Stirred...And it might have been my Spiderwoman skills that brought down a small part of the wall last night, but hey! Those are good times. Grace Gotham was serving up some hot nuts with her golden throat and Boots Lamae certainly got the room going with her go-go wiggles. We missed DJ Jess but are always super excited with Twig the Wonderkid makes his way to our turntables! If you missed us last week, never fear - we'll back this Wednesday - fiercer than ever!

And don't forget next week brings us Shimmying the Spoken Word at Le Poisson Rouge in collaboration with the Inspired Word. And for all our friends in MA, DC, and Jersey, we'll be coming you way in teh weeks to come... check out our flyers, our website... and our deep beating hearts <3

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